Sarah Kivel
Leadership and Performance Coach
Sarah is a Leadership and Performance Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a Meta Coach and a member of the faculty and Advisory Board at Goleman EI. Sarah works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders from all over the world on emotional intelligence coaching and focus training.
Bridgette Morehouse
Global executive, Leadership coach, Facilitator and Consultant
Bridgette is an experienced global executive, leadership coach, facilitator and consultant with a track record of innovation in several Fortune 20 companies.
Daphna Horowitz
Leadership Live | Actuary | Speaker
CEOs get hired on results and fired for style. It's time to cut through the noise and focus on what matters
Claire Pedrick
Author of Simplifying Coaching
I could say that I am a human who facilitates other people’s thinking.
Giuseppe Totino
Master Coach, Facilitator, Mediator, Trainer
Giuseppe Totino MCC, CPF, LLM, MSc, has been an MCC since 2018. Giuseppe is currently among the youngest to hold this credential worldwide.
Jeffrey Hull
Navigating the New Landscape of Leadership
I help senior leaders navigate the new landscape of leadership with advisory, coaching and consulting services worldwide.
John Kairouz
Neuro Integrative Coach | Master Trainer | Speaker
John is a Human behaviour consultant,Neuro Integrative coach, Master trainer, speaker and researcher.
Jedidiah ‘Jedi’ Alex Koh
Global Team Leadership Coach | Executive Voice Coach | Keynote Speaker on Coaching and Leadership Across Cultures | As Featured on Forbes Coaches Council | Organizational Learning Strategist | Author
Jedidiah ‘Jedi’ Alex, MCC is the Global Team Leadership Coach.
Michele Nevarez
Head of Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Training Programs
Inspired to transform business into a force for greater good, Michele Nevarez specializes in positive organizational development and executive coaching, leveraging what we know about the brain, Emotional Intelligence, and Resonant Leadership.
David Clutterbuck
Leading Authority In Developmental Coaching & Mentoring
Professor David Clutterbuck is one of Europe's most prolific and well-known management writers and thinkers. He has written some 70 books and hundreds of articles on cutting edge management themes.


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