Brent O’Bannon

His life as a coach started at 17 when he felt a calling to inspire people. He began serving in my church and speaking to our small congregation where he honed my skills as a leader and speaker.

In 1993, he started a private counseling practice which multiplied to 5 office locations, 13 counselors and more clients than he could handle. He was studying positive psychology and a business coach introduced him to StrengthsFinder, now re-branded as CliftonStrengthsHe is a full-time Gallup strengths champion coach and speaker.
He has facilitated more than 27,000 coaching sessions and given more than 750 presentations to organizations across the globe.

He thrives on coaching business leaders & coachpreneurs just like you to grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer with your strengths.

Let’s Talk Strengths: Applying Your CliftonStrengths to Grow Stronger, Work Smarter, & Live Richer                                     


Donald Clifton, the inventor of CliftonStrengths and the Father of Strengths Psychology, said, “Individuals and organizations are always stronger when they have their successes and strengths clearly in mind.” 

In this energizing virtual session, you will discover how to learn, love, and live your unique strengths through a researched-based assessment called CliftonStrengths.  

You will gain insights from the World’s 1st Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and ICF Master Certified Coach, Brent O’Bannon, as he guides you in applying your strengths to… 

Grow Stronger – Maximize your strengths and build confidence to drive the right strength, at the right speed, at the right time.  

Work Smarter – Mobilize your strengths and Aim your strengths in purposeful work like a rocket going to the moon.  

Live Richer – Monetize your strengths and thrive in your well-being.  


Weakness fixing prevents failure, but strength building leads to success.  

  • Weaknesses are like leaks in a sailboat. Leaks, whether big or small, need to be plugged.  
  • If we don’t plug the leaks in our personal lives or work lives, we sink eventually. But you can plug them. 
  • We also have to understand that we’re floating or just surviving when we plug the leaks.  
  • Strength building is like hoisting your sails on a sailboat.  
  • What are your five sails or top five strengths? 
  • When you hoist them up, you sail faster and easier to your dreams, aspirations, goals.  
  • This does not mean we ignore weaknesses. It means we leverage strengths and manage weaknesses. 
  • It’s not that we ignore weaknesses. 

ROS – Return On Strengths 

  • Strength-based coaching is when you invest knowledge, skills, and practice into areas of knowledge and strengths to get an exponential return on investment. 

Who was Donald Clifton? 

  • Donal Clifton was a psychologist who actually taught at the University of Nebraska. He was a businessman who purchased the Gallup organization from George Gallop. Gallop organization is known to poll the voice of the people all around the world in every country. 
  • Gallup began to research “what is strong about people vs. what is wrong about people.” 
  • In this research, 177 question assessments were conducted. This gives responses that you have to answer within 20 seconds to get the most top-of-mind response.  
  • It measures 34 areas of talent. Technically, it was not a personality assessment but a talent assessment.  
  • Through this talent assessment, you can get the report on where you’re dominant (signature strengths) or get a full 34 report.  

Strength Spotting Exercise 

  • Strength spotting is appreciating inquiry. They’re also great questions for hiring as well. 
  • You can easily ask people these questions: 
  1. Share a story you love of your most significant success in your life or career to date that you are most proud of and why. 
  • When you start helping people unearth and spot the talents and the patterns of strengths inside themselves, that’s the most empowering thing to do as coaches.  
  • Coaches can help to take patterns of success from the past but use it to go forward. 
  • When I quit the things that I’m average at, I focus and develop in areas of my talent and strength and passion that I can win. 

What was your response to CliftonStrength? 

  1. I love that about myself. 
  2. I wonder how I can apply that. 
  3. That’s what drives people crazy. 
  4. I got to take another assessment. 

3 Keys to Unlock Your Potential 

  • Grow Stronger – Maximize Strengths – Authenticate 
  • Learn to drive the right strength at the right speed at the right time. 
  • Work Smarter – Mobilize Strengths – Apply 
  • Launch your strengths like a rocket going to the moon. 
  • Live Richer – Monetize Strengths – Aspire 
  • Leverage strengths to scale revenue and a richer lifestyle. 

We need a 3:1 positivity ratio 

  • People who know their strengths intentionally drive their strengths. They report a 3x greater quality of life. 

Best of Me Exercise 

  • You get the best of me when… 
  • You get the worst of me when… 
  • This is what I need from you… 
  • You can count on me to… 

💎 Nuggets from Brent O’Bannon 

  • Both strengths and weaknesses keep us confident and humble at the same time. 
  • Any strength, when mismanaged, can become a weakness. 
  • True professional coaching is not trying to fix a weakness or a problem as much as it is trying to help people move forward to their destination, aspirations, or goals. 
  • All of us have at least one strength that we do better than the other 10,000 people. What is the one strength you have that makes you the best? 

🔥 “Any strength mismanaged can become a weakness. Learning to drive the right strength at the right speed at the right time is crucial.” – Brent O’Bannon 

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