Dr. André Vermeulen

World Renowned Expert in the Field of Neuro-Agility

Dr. André Vermeulen is the founding member and CEO of Neuro-Link, a boutique consultancy specializing in the neuroscience of performance optimization. He is also a part time lecturer and member of the Neuroscience Research Group of the University of Pretoria, where his function is to translate neuroscience into tools that people, coaches and business can use to drive results.

André is a thought leader in the field of neuro-agility – the brain-based elements that impact the ease, speed and flexibility with which people learn, think and process information. As a business innovator, André has developed and patented various Neuro Agility Profile™ assessments and applied neuroscience learning solutions that are used by thousands of people in education, business and sports across the globe.

He has published more than 43 leading articles on the development implications of the brain and mental health. As an internationally recognized thought leader, Dr. André Vermeulen brings more than 27 years of experience helping people and organizations ground their people development practices into neuroscience and develop agile people and organizations. He has frequently contributed on numerous prestigious platforms like TEDx and ATD ICE since 2000. André is a sought-after speaker frequently voted “best of the conference”, known to engage, educate and entertain. He is a regular guest on many radio and television talk shows around the globe and hosts his own television program called “Mind Matters”.

Key Notes:

Dr. Andre Vermeulen, a founding member and CEO of Neuro-Link, a world-renowned expert on Neuro-Agility, and a TEDx speaker discussed this Tuesday how coaches could better use neuroscience as tools that people, coaches, and businesses can use to drive results. His research heavily assists coaches in determining the drivers that optimize brain performance and how it impacts a person’s neuro-design forms, helping coaches create adult-based learning solutions.

What is the purpose of applying Neuroscience into coaching?

  • To learn how a person’s neuro-design forms influence a coaching session.
  • How to activate the coachee’s (client’s) brain for increased awareness during a coaching session.

What coaches can do to coach better:

  • Create a positive, safe, and relaxed environment.
  • Use Hook-up position during coaching.
  • Have constructive communication, humor, laughter, fun coaching conversation.
  • Practice relaxation and mindful exercises before the coaching session.
  • Good coaching takes place where coachees are challenged and pushed out of their comfort zone.
  • Create your own coaching approaches that are creative and holistic, analytical and creative, verbal and non-verbal
  • Coaching is teamwork.
  • Understand your own coaching style/preferences. Be aware of what coachees see, hear, and feel when interacting with you.
  • Understand the style/preference of others. Tune into what you can expect to see, hear, and feel when interacting with the coachee – who am I coaching?

You can find more in-depth information about Dr. Andre Vermeulen’s approaches, exercises, and tips on our YouTube channel.

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