Ann L. Clancy

World-leading Executive Coach, PhD & Author

Ann L. Clancy, Ph.D., specializes in executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational change, facilitation, and leadership and team development. She has 30 years of experience in working with organizations and companies to create positive change. She is a co-developer of Appreciative Coaching®, a positive strengths-based approach to change which she also applies to all her organizational and team change efforts.

As a coach, she works with executives, business leaders, business owners, managers, professionals and authors with a focus on their unique strengths, talents and successes. She supports her clients in building their capacity for creativity, inspiration, innovation and excellence to achieve their potential and produce meaningful results. Her clients come from a broad range of industries including: Banking, Education, Economic Development, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Natural Resources (mining, refining), Non-profit Agencies, Professional Organizations, Publishing, Technology, Trade groups and Transportation. She is a mentor coach in Appreciative Coaching.

Ann is co-author of Pivoting: A Coach’s Guide to Igniting Substantial Change, 2017, based on a five-year coaching research project describing a new positive science of change for facilitating transformative moments with clients. She is also co-author of Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change, 2007, based on a two-year coaching and writing research project resulting in the development of the Appreciative Coaching model.

As a thought leader in the field of coaching, Ann is a highly experienced international presenter and trainer offering workshops and learning opportunities for coaches, executives, managers, and organizational consultants. Her experience and base of knowledge are grounded in systems, evolutionary and transformative perspectives of human and organizational change.

Ann is an International Advisor for students in the Ph.D. OD Program at Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand. She has a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems, Fielding Graduate University, CA, USA; an M.A. in Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate University, CA, USA; and an M.A. in Linguistics, Oakland University, MI, USA.

Key Notes:

In episode 12, we went live with Dr. Ann Clany, an international coach, researcher, trainer, and author, to dig deeper into how coaches influence their clients – consciously and unconsciously. Ann shares insights from her research and coaching experience that coaches are still based on mechanistics and have limited perception of human capacity in this episode. Ann focuses on building a conceptual bridge to new scientific assumptions about the self that match clients’ real-time experience as dynamic, energy-based beings in continual process. 

Ann L. Clancy, Ph.D., specializes in executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational change, leadership, and team development. Ann has 30+ years of experience working with organizations, teams, and individuals to create positive change. She is a researcher and co-author of Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change (2007) and Pivoting: A Coach’s Guide to Igniting Substantial Change (2017), and “Searching for Soul and Finding Self” in Innovations in Leadership Coaching: Research and Practice (2020). She is an international speaker and trainer in Appreciative Coaching and Igniting Substantial Change.

Here’s what Ann covered:

1:59 – Understanding a bigger picture of who we are as coaches

2:05 – We can benefit from understanding how our unconscious existential theories and beliefs about change influence who we are as coaches and how we coach.

3:10 – We are the instrument of change. You always have to start where the client is. As coaches, we can also start where we are. We can only be who we are at this moment and time.

4:48 – Your stance as a coach, no matter what you are trained in, always consists of your worldview.

5:40 – Humans were more static as objects. We actually believe that we can fix other human beings. The capacity to change was embedded in linear time. 

7:14 – The universe is a living system. Everything is alive. Humans are actually generative, which means we are life-based, live-giving, and creative. And coaching significantly relates to this perception of human capacity and organizational change.

8:18 – The basic pattern of life is spiral. We, as coaches, can harness this energy. We are coaching the energy in the people.

9:15 – Harnessing Spirals is a great way for coaches to know where you are in your spiral. Spirals can bring in new experiences, release old information as all events are in a spiral.

11:05 – Moving towards “what’s right.”

12:34 – Power of Beliefs – we always have a lens and filter on the world depending on our belief systems.

13:58 – Clarifying your coaching stance to identify where you are in your belief system on the human nature of change.

16:16 – Three Emerging Existential Beliefs – the transforming mind is open to change through lifespan. We are influenced by everything around us, and we influence everything around us.

18:56 – Shifting Definitions – As a coach, instead of seeing my client as a fixed object, I see my clients as dynamic, energy-based, and constant processes of change.

21:07 – We, as coaches, can learn to identify that our clients are processes and have a great capacity to change. We can’t make them change. We can shift their problem story to a solution-story. 

22:45 – Generative – we are internally driven; we are constantly growing. Transformative Coaching helps people tap into the wisdom of their own process. We are not problems to be solved. We are mysteries to be appreciated.

24:25 – Q&A: Should we prepare early before our coaching session any sort of question or a form, or should we pay undivided attention at that moment? What should we do?

26:01 – How do you coach a person with a mechanical view of self?

27:51 – How to move a client from negative to positive and still stay present?

30:40 – 2# Emerging Belief: Life as Motion

31:28 – Evolution of Human and Organizational Change (Model examples)

38:39 – 3# Emerging Belief: Meaning – Making as Movement

39:58 – Robert Kegan’s Evolution of Meaning – as a coach, you share in every moment when a client makes meaning.

42:06 – Spiral of Deeper Understanding 

42:53 – Tool: Principles of Powerful Moments

43:54 – Reinterpreting your Coaching Role

46:42 – Q&A: Thinking of an organization going into transformational change, how we can understand the equivalent to human beliefs that we need to understand to derive the desired change.

48:59 – In evolutionary momentum, at what phase is it best to interrupt an individual to deliver the most impact?

51:04 – Most of the time, I get emotional while coaching. How to get rid of this?

53:52 – Is changing consciousness enough to have transformation? Could we, as clients and coaches, undergo change without goal setting or action?

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