Cleopas Chiketa

Vice President – Finance, Audit & ICT at Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe

Cleopas is a Business Leader with strong general management competencies to drive business unit performance. Global experience with Food Manufacturing, Beverage Manufacturing, Telecoms, and Mobile Financial Services, Consulting and Central Banking experience in various roles. He has a knack for Facilitation (Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) with International Association of Facilitators – IAF ), Business Executive Coach and Fellow of the Institute of Coaching USA and Leadership Development Expert of note with strength in Leadership Coaching & Mentorship, Performance Management – including the Balanced Scorecard, Customer Service (SQI – Service Quality Institute – USA certified Customer Service Trainer. Sales Trainer – Coca-Cola Trained under the ECABU Region (East and Central African Business Unit) Coaching Facilitator and implementer of Coaching Systems for effective Knowledge Harvesting.

A measurement specialist who believes that what gets measured gets done! I am pursuing a Certified ROI Professional Status with ROI Institute USA. This certification is based on a 10-Step methodology developed by Dr. Jack Phillips of the ROI Institute Inc. USA used to evaluate the value of training, HR, IT – Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Safety Health & Environmental Projects

A Certified Auditor for EMS ISO14001:2004 Standard and Business Continuity champion in the quest for sustainable business in the 21st Century.

Passionate about rejigging organizations through Business Process Mapping, Team Building, and Coaching coupled with other Performance Improvement interventions.

Specialty :
Strategy Facilitation & Development
Return On Investment on HRD Interventions using ROI Methodology.
Coaching including the introduction of a structured coaching program(GROW Model ).
Performance Management Implementation and Training
Design of Customer Service Strategy
Work-Study Analysis for Productivity Enhancement


Institutionalization of Coaching

A Business Executive Coach, a fellow of the Institute of Coaching (USA), Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF) the USA, Board Member with Africa Executive Coaching Council (AECC), Cleopas Chiketa had shared profound research-backed insights with us.

In this webinar, Cleopas focused on unveiling the power of Coaching in driving strategic execution, which is the mainstay of successful organizations. He shared the challenges of institutionalization of coaching, and how organizations can embrace coaching for success, and ultimately how the ROI of coaching can be showcased in achieving the desired results.

Here are the keynotes from our conversation with him on how to institutionalize coaching within an enterprise:

Organizations can achieve their strategic mandate through structured coaching. There’s great value in embracing the power of coaching.

The Coaching Story

“Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” – African Proverb.

  • At the end of the day, some of us, as coaches, do not take time to showcase the issues of the value-adding engagements that we have with our clients. We also do not stimulate the demand for coaching in the various platforms we operate.
  • An outstanding hunter does not kill his prey with the sound of a gun but a BULLET. What are you doing to kill it?
  • Our days are identical suitcases – all the same size, but some people pack more into theirs than others. 
  • We need to bring out the value of coaching, but as we do that, our success stories and magnitude will be different, depending on how we drive the value of what we want to do.

The Reina Trust & Betrayal Model

  • Trust is a critical area for leaders in organizations. One of the critical areas that we need to be looking at is trust-building.
  • As you run an institution, enterprise, SBU, trust issues will come through in certain situations. And people have to learn to manage expectations. Many times, they are noticing what their leaders are showcasing. 
  • Transactional Trust: Reciprocal & created incrementally
  • Competence Trust: Trust of capability
  • Contractual Trust: Trust of character
  • Communication Trust: Trust of disclosure

The Power of Coaching in the organizations

  • The Econet Wireless Story – A vision on its own is not enough. Hard work and dedication are required to make that vision a reality. – Strive Masiyiwa
  • How does coaching come in to connect with this pioneering value?
  • Coaching by nature liberates people. It allows individuals to bring on their own solutions.

Creating and nurturing the culture

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast – Peter Drucker
  • Performance = Potential – Indifference
  • Performance can only happen when the potential is explored and the interference is minimized or mitigated against in any system.
  • Performance is also a function of potential less interference. The interference could also come from cultural components within the organization.

What coaching does

  • Coaching focuses more on future possibilities, not past mistakes – John Whitmore
  • Interactions that help the individual being coached to expand awareness, discover superior solutions, and make and implement better decisions – Zenger and Zinnet – The Extra-ordinary Coach.
  • Coaching is a new way of developing leaders within their own context.

The Hurdles – what could be our hurdles that can affect organizations to move towards their desired position.

  • We know it all – many will not be ready to look at coaching as a new way to leadership approach. 
  • Coaching is becoming a leadership style where there is an emergence of coaching leaders globally.
  • Leading with Soft Power low – How do we move towards leading from soft power? 
  • Shifting from ground floor to balcony – As the organization was expanding, some leaders were not rising up to the occasion where they were coming on board to understand that they were shifting from smaller to larger visions.
  • Telling Syndrome 
  • Why waste time asking
  • Time is not on our side

From Boss to Thinking Partners

  • The movement from being a boss to a thinking partner through coaching is a great way of looking at how an organization can transform itself.

The Operational Leadership Model

  • Leading Self – Self-awareness, and Mastery
  • Leading Team – Building High-Impact Teams
  • Leading Operation – Mastering Telecoms Operations
  • Leading Change & Complexity – Dealing with complexity and the VUCA world

Centre for Creative Leadership Model

  • Assess
  • Challenge
  • Support

Development Framework

  • 70% on the job 
  • 20% on the coaching, feedback, and mentoring
  • 10% on Formal training
  • Knowledge + Confidence = Success

Financial Highlights

  • When you couple coaching with training, the results are phenomenal. 
  • Around 700% ROI can be established when coaching is implemented appropriately within the organization.
  • Don’t ignore the issues to do with the intangibles. Look for issues to do with what is happening around the engagement levels. And how they are breaking the silos that have been existing within the organization.
  • Many individuals appreciated how they have begun to realize the beauty of other people’s areas based on the cross-cutting area as they do peer-coaching.

Do not sell coaching as a remedy or action. Let these not be the major drivers.

A big shout to Cleopas Chiketa for sharing his research, experiences, and work with us on institutionalizing coaching in organizations. Watch the entire video now to more on the ROI highlights of coaching, coaching approach for leaders, Netflix story, an informational Q&A, and more!

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