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Jedidiah ‘Jedi’ Alex, MCC is the Global Team Leadership Coach. He is the founder of Coaching Changes Lives, the Global Transformative Learning Partner for organizations, businesses and individuals and Asia’s leading Coach Training, Mentoring and Supervision Institute. He has worked and partnered globally with organizations and teams from across cultures and diversity to create sustainable change, team performance and build a learning culture. He has also been the leading voice for virtual Team Coaching. 

He is recognized globally as Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF). Being featured on Forbes Coaches Council he shares his expert views on team leadership coaching with industry leaders and organizations. His Flagship coaching program BRAVE Your Story has touched the lives of many. He is also the Creator of Metaphorium™ and Transformative  Systemic Co-Creative Coaching™ a transformative conversational process that creates deep inner work for leaders and teams. He is also the author of the much-anticipated upcoming book OMG! Coaching is Conversational Mastery.  He is the leading Coach Mentor in empowering coaches in systemic co-creative team coaching. 

Jedidiah was recognized as the Top 10 Leadership Coaches by Influencive, awarded the top 100 Global Leaders in Education award by GFEL, and the recipient of the top 101 Global Coaching Leaders Award by World HRD Congress. He has been the voice of Asians’ perspective of coaching on a global field, shaping the future of coaching in teams and distributed workforce. With over a span of 14 years of coaching and impacting lives, he believes that coaching is the key to creating positive, impactful and lasting change in people. 

Today, Jedidiah is a sought-after transformative coach and keynote speaker on future of leadership and coaching. He is also engaged to speak on Executive Team Coaching on how the requisite power of coaching has the power to changes lives, build sustainable teams and learning organizations that are flexible and adaptable in an ever-changing landscape one conversation at a time. 


Brave Your Story:

How to have Collaborative Conversations That Inspire Change & Move Hearts


As we journey through our careers and life, do we let the world around us define who we are, or do we Dare to be Different and Brave Our Story. We are not a needle in a haystack, nor are we a voice in the wind. Every person has a unique and special story that can inspire another person, uplift the spirits and empower organizations. We spend a great deal of time on our skillsets and mindsets but have we found time to work on our “heartsets.” There is a voice of truth with every single person, a story worth telling, a word to encourage, a life to Brave. As Coaches, we help our clients to Brave Their Story as we Brave our Story. In this session, discover how you can learn to Brave your own story by learning how to have Brave Collaborative Conversations that inspire change and move hearts. 

What is Brave Your Story?
  • Many times we have different stories. Our clients, too, leave stories. The stories that our clients share and the stories that they leave often impact our own personal life.
  • The beauty of coaching is that we get to leave many different lives. We get to live through the lens of the client. 
  • Regardless of age, demographics, culture, if we take on the coaching mindset and learning spirit, we begin to learn more about each person and find new forms of appreciation and gratitude for the people around us and why we are coaching.
Why Do You Coach?
  • The beauty of coaching is the little spark – the little conversation, insight, observation, reflection, inquiry. The little spark that triggers new ideas, insights, co-creative space, all born out of the conversations.
  • Coaching is the idea of conversational mastery.
  • To be an effective coach, it’s not about the tools, strategies, or techniques. The role of the coach is less of me, less of me trying to be me. It’s more about holding the space for the client and having a sense of conversation and mastery.
What is Conversational Mastery?
  • It’s the ability to tune in, have empathic listening, inclusive listening. Be one with the client at the moment to co-create the space for the client.
  • Some of us enjoy the stories through visual elements, some through the auditory element, and some love stories through experiential elements. 
  • Through the environment, we can experience, begin to have new insights, awareness. Something about the story creates a connection, meanings, relationships that we never quite saw or see. 
  • Stories that our clients share reviews a lot about who they are beyond what they are. It also reveals the deepest cries of the heart. 
  • Stories have the power to change lives.
Coaching has the requisite power to transform lives.
  • Coaching is all about transformation. What is transformation really? How to demonstrate that? Do I force transformation?
  • It’s not about creating the transformation. Transformation is happening all the time. What we’re looking for is a huge change. 
  • Transformation is already happening. What you see now is a manifestation of the transformation. We want to see that seismic shift. However, we’re not patient enough to realize that every single moment, transformation is happening.
Would any amount of assistance aid the transformation?
  • When we see our clients struggling, as a coach, we feel compelled to help our clients. We feel compelled to step in.
  • We don’t realize that what we think of help is actually doing more harm to the client. 
  • Value is inherent in the coaching process. 
  • Too often, we’re looking for that manifestation. We’re not celebrating every single moment and change.
  • It doesn’t matter what the world defines transformation as. 
  • In the coaching moment, allow the clients to enjoy the process of growth, change, or progression. For coaches, it’s about helping them experience and celebrating different milestones along their way.
  • Life always begins when we begin to enjoy every single moment of the way.
The Baggage We Hold
  • The best thing a coach can do is enter the client’s wall. And help them to breathe through the story that they have in their lives.
  • The weight of the world from the client begins to shift, lift-off.
  • We often carry a few things in our life journey. The older we go, the more baggage holds. 
  • We may have picked up certain baggage in life unknowingly. And sometimes, it’s difficult to take off that baggage. There are chains to this baggage that hold us down. They can be emotional, psychological, psychological, holding us down.
  • Our role as a coach is not to remove every chain. Instead, as a coach, we help them become aware of those chains. And at a time, we can ask them that what they decided to do. 
  • Do we want to rip the chain off? Do we want to read the back? Or How are we going to progress from today’s fault?
To Brave Our Story…
  • The braver story is to create the space first for the client to be again to allow the voice of truth to tell a different story. 
  • The voice of truth says not to be afraid. Against all odds, against everything that everyone has said, even if nobody believes you, I’m going to believe in you. I’m your coach.
  • I’m going to fight this battle with you. I’m with you. I’m going to cheer you. I’m going to celebrate with you. 
  • As a coach, we go alongside them. 
  • Coaching is about allowing another person to experience your story. 
  • The best thing someone can do to know you, is to get you to brave your story. And be vulnerable to let others know your journey.
  • People are drawn to people who are like themselves. And begin to draw people who resonate with their style and how they present their story.
  • The best thing is to brave a story. To tell your personal story.
  • Every life we touch begins to touch other lives as well. The hallmark of effective coaching is not in the client needing coaching forever. It’s about clients becoming independent, taking ownership and accountability, and moving forward in their own life.
  • Greatness is not in what we do. It’s a state of being, then a state of doing. 
  • Greatness is in all of us. Coaching is about seeing that it’s within every one of us and helping others to nourish it.
  • People want to be listened to. People want to be understood.

Nuggets from Jedi Alex

  • Coaching is an experience to be experienced.
  • Stories that our clients share reviews a lot about who they are beyond what they are. It also reveals the deepest cries of the heart. 
  • Stories have the power to change lives.
  • The beauty of transformation does not lie in the outcome of the transformation; it lies in patience, waiting. It’s about watching and enjoying every single moment.
  • Even if I seem to be different from the rest, it’s okay. It doesn’t matter how people see me.
  • The best thing a coach can do is enter the client’s wall. And help them to breathe through the story that they have in their lives.
  • The best kind of story to use is the client’s story.
  • Whatever the client is sharing is a sterile environment.
  • Coaches help clients see the world in a whole new expanded way. And that they can brave their stories as well.

💯 Greatness is in all of us. Coaching is about seeing that it’s within every one of us and helping others to nourish it. – Jedi Alex

📣 A big shoutout to Jedi Alex for talking and sharing how we can brave our stories and help others to do the same.❤️

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