John Kairouz

Neuro Integrative Coach | Master Trainer | Speaker

John is a Human behaviour consultant,Neuro Integrative coach, Master trainer, speaker and researcher.

His experience is built on having consulted, trained and coached over 220 companies in 16 industries on 3 continents. John has spent over 19 years extensively researching Human Behavior within organizations in the areas of Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Psychology, Cultural Engineering, Leadership, Communication, Sales, Service & Body Language.

His passion to help accelerate human performance & enhance culture has made him a leader in the training and speaking industry.

John received multiple awards and certificates of recognition for excellence in performance from breaking national sales records 3 years in a row, to training, coaching and developing over 55,000 individuals in Europe and the MENA region alone.

Being blessed with a multi cultural background, John’s sensitivity to the beliefs, values, behavior, psycho-linguistics and nuances of the many countries and types of companies he has trained have allowed him to master communication and the ability to inspire people into permanent change.

His approach to performance excellence & training are unique and intense. Having been rated as a top speaker and trainer by Multinationals regionally, John’s track record of measurable results makes him a powerhouse to your organization’s developmental needs.

Training & Expertise: Certified International Trainer, Master Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Time Line Therapy, Peak Performance Coach, Cross-Cultural Engineer, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Tool, Expert in Micro Gestures (METT 2), Body language & Lie Detection

Experience in the Training Field (all Levels): Leadership, Communication, Sales & Management Activities, Communication Skills, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Body Language & Lie Detection, Motivation, Train the Trainer.

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