Anna Bloth Karling

Co-Founder & Board member at Zebrain

I am Co-Founder of SaaS Company Zebrain, Sweden’s first platform for netcoaching – a digital platform realizing human potential and democratizing mental strength. We are now launching the coaching of the future by offering “Subscription to potential” to the many.

Previous to Zebrain, I am also founder of SaaS Company Hubbster Group, specialized in digital methods, tools and experts for activating strategies, plans and cultures – bottom up. With the insight that co-worker motivation is poorly incorporated in strategic alignment, I wanted to create change. The result was a scalable, digital method that uniquely motivates co-workers to use the strategy, hence making coworker driven change concrete and possible.

Prior to the above, I have over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, motivation nerd, advisor and business-driven change maker.

Specialities: Change management, Motivation, Activation, Continuous Improvement, Corporate Culture, Co-worker Commitment, Organizational effectiveness, Corporate Branding & Communications.

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