Lynne Hirschman

Coach, Physical Therapist, Owner: Partnering with Clients for Personal Development

In my roles as coach, physical therapist, owner, and manager, I enjoy the privilege of working with individuals and groups seeking better understanding of their efficiency, communication, and motivation while providing nuanced encouragement and exploration.

You: are surrounded by the technical and financial experts you need and are looking for clarity about what to do next. My coaching services can facilitate your achievement of that clarity and focus for confidently moving forward.

Through education and experience with a variety of clients, I understand and can “speak the languages” of: conventional medicine, functional and molecular medicine, family systems, object relations, financial investment vehicles, interpersonal relations, meditation, three metaphysical systems, macrobiotic cooking, osteopathy and craniosacral treatment, Feng Shui, yoga, various spiritual practices, and other approaches.

Before establishing and running my cash therapy practice for 17 years, I served as a physical therapy contractor or employee in adult and pediatric settings, from preschools, homes, and school corporations to large medical center teaching hospitals for adults and non-pediatric specialty clinics.

In research and management roles, I’ve initiated and nurtured productive relationships between departments and organizations within a large private medical campus.

Private therapy clients have included triathletes, physicians, business owners, emergency professionals, professors, domestic CEOs, educational administrators, executives, and attorneys, plus many children.

As a health care provider at ease in multiple settings, I accept people just as they are and as a result, hear delicate spoken and unspoken concerns of clients and colleagues, and I ask the right questions for revealing solutions, developing confidence, and much more.

Since being among the first 40 people nationwide to earn a rigorous healing certification in 2013, I’ve been invited to create and teach an undergraduate course “Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise”, completed two more full-length courses in seminary (2017 -18), earned two coaching certifications (2020), and published a collection of poetry (2020) and several blog articles.

When you are ready to explore building a brighter future for yourself, please write to me to schedule your complimentary no-obligation consultation at

I frequently enjoy singing, playing piano/organ, walking, practicing yoga, and when possible, swimming and sailing.

Key Notes:

In this episode, we had a special guest who’s a physical therapist trained in psychotherapy, biblical studies, and theology with 30 years of experience – Lynne Hirschman. She also practices spiritual healing services, including coaching. 

Lynne also managed the cash specialty practice and taught a university course on the Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise. She also supports her clients to nurture skills like decision-making, critical thinking and analysis, resilience, flexibility, reasoning. Coming from a rich professional background, Lynne illustrated and shared how coaching blends easily with other professional roles and leads to meaningful conversations and connections on a professional and personal level. 

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation with Lynne:

  • When working with clients, a productivity issue of the work or lack of enjoyment does involve the physical feature of the way the workstation is set up. Physical comforts matter when interacting with clients, and most of us are not cognizant of this effect.
  • Balance with the client requires self-awareness. Many tools support the balance of self-awareness, such as coaching, personal development groups, and therapy.
  • Even when someone has higher-awareness, they still have dips and can have room to improve. For this, the coachee/client should be open to receive. 
  • To have a successful outcome in coaching, the personal development level of the coach must be equal or greater personal than the client. 
  • There are 6 types of working geniuses as per Patrick Lencioni: Wonder (considering the possibility of greater potential and opportunity), Invention (formulating original and novel ideas and solutions), Discernment (evaluating ideas and situations intuitively), Galvanizing (supporting others to take action), Enablement (encouraging and assisting for an idea or project), Tenacity (pushing projects or tasks to completion to achieve results). 
  • Frequent evaluation of the client’s motivational levels mental and emotional states is helpful to achieve physical development. 

We hope you found the webinar with Lynne helpful. You can watch the entire video here.

A big shoutout to Lynne Hirschman for sharing her valuable tips with our participants!

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