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International Board Certified Executive Coach

WHAT I DO: I Provide Transformational Coaching to Help Coaches, Speakers & Leaders Gain Clarity, Courage, and Cash by Living Authentically.

I certify speakers & coaches to become Agents of Authenticity by raising their self-awareness & expanding their platforms & practice with a powerful self-awareness tool.

I help organizations transform a culture lacking in authentic inclusion to one that maximizes the gifts, talents, strengths & values of their employees without alienating anyone involved.


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I came to the planet with the clear knowledge that I was here to do something important. I didn’t know what it was & had no idea how I would find it. Furthermore, I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, even when I had no idea where I was going or what I should be doing. I have overcome severe health challenges & the murder of my husband. Life has not been easy & yet I knew I was put here to make a difference to help others.

My passion is helping people remove their masks & reconnect to the natural gifts and talents they were born with. My journey led me to create tools & techniques to enhance both the personal & professional life of individuals including methods that enable organizations to build more engaging work environments

For several decades I wrote programs for human development. I was the first black woman to own a speaker bureau for black speakers. I created a program to help speakers learn the process to become a speaker so that they could channel their development funding more effectively. The Norma T Hollis Be Authentic Method is the program I created to help others gain self-awareness in a way that seldom takes place in our society. That program along with my coaching & speaking platforms is my passion & what drives me to help others get clarity in their purpose, career & family.


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  • International Speaker
  • Board Certified Coach
  • Creator of the Authenticity Grid
  • Creator of the Authenticity Assessments
  • Author of Programs for Human Development
  • Certification Programs for Speakers & Coaches
  • Former Owner of a Speaker Bureau



As coaches, we assist our clients in living a more authentic life. Norma Hollis, in this webinar, shared her most popular coaching tool: Authentic Grid. During the webinar, she discussed many insights on Authenticity and answered many questions from our participants. We learned about the nine dimensions of Authenticity Grid and gained a context to view what it means to be authentic for yourself and your clients.


  • Figure out who I am
  • I stepped outside of myself to examine myself.
  • I was directing preschool programs & learning a lot about human nature
  • My degree in Family & Child Life Sciences was the foundation for me to understand human nature.
  • I researched human nature from personal, professional, and spiritual perspectives.

The grid helps coaches to see how everything comes together

  • Most coaches focus on one or maybe two of the dimensions that I have in my authenticity grid. 
  • With greater clarity and a perspective on how different pieces come together. You not only understand your clients as a coach but also understand more about yourself.
  • It makes you a stronger coach.

What I discovered from my 30 years of research

  • At 28, I realized I have three voices within me: Inner, Outer, Expressive.
  • Inner Voice: No one hears but yourself. We all have an inner voice.
  • Outer Voice: How other people perceive us. We all go through that.
  • Expressive Voice: Who you have become and how you live your life day-to-day basis. We all have an expressive voice.
  • These voices are the domains of who we are.
  • There are three dynamics. Dynamics are how we express ourselves, how we live our life.
  • Dynamics: Thinking, Communicating, Doing.
  • Oftentimes we have a bend in one or the other. Dynamics and voices together create dimensions.

Authenticity Grid: A coaching tool

  • Authenticity Grid has greater flexibility. Norma has been able to successfully move it and modify this grid for different purposes.
  • Authenticity begins with connecting your inner voice and connecting with your personal GPS system.


  • Intuition is in the Think dynamic as they’re something which we have since birth.
  • Intuition is one of the six senses we’re born with. We don’t acknowledge the sixth sense much. 
  • We all have a voice within that’s guiding and leading us.

Connecting to intuition

  • To connect more with your intuitive voice, ask yourself three questions every day:
    • What time is it?
    • What am I going to wear?
    • What am I going to eat?
  • Assessment of these answers gives a feel to how your voice speaks to you. Your voice is a feeling in one way or another. 
  • Being able to connect how your intuition speaks to you is a great boost for connecting more with your authentic self.

Second Dimension: Integrity

  • How you communicate in the outer world and your values.
  • One of the things that Norma has questioned for years: What is one value that we, as a society, hold? What’s the one choice that we’ll collectively make?
  • Values are a guiding post for us. We probably share the same values with our friends. 
  • Integrity is the steadfast belief in your values. When you know your values, you make decisions better and faster.
  • Knowing your values also means you know your parameters for your decision-making purposes.

Third Dimension: Inspiration

  • How you do what you do in life. You do something to make things happen in life.
  • Motivation is the outside coming in. Inspiration is inside coming out. True authenticity is when you bring what’s inside of you outside to the world. 
  • So, we inspire people to be inspirational more than to be motivational.
  • A thought comes to your intuition. It goes quickly through your values system to see if it’s something you agree with or not. And then, if you’re inspired, believe it, and agree with it, you’re perhaps inspired to move on it.

The outer voice

  • The outer voice is how other people perceive you. Society puts you in front of you in terms of who we should be and how we should be. 
  • Authenticity is maturing beyond what we were raised to be, beyond the things that were given to us in our childhood. And stepping into who we really are.

Fourth Dimension: Wellness

  • We’re all born with a certain combination of DNA that makes us who we are. How do you use your DNA? How does it manifest?
  • True health is a combination of the western and eastern. You really have to be aware of your body’s changes. 
  • If you’re worried about your health, you can’t be authentic because you’re worried about how to get healthy. What we want is energy and longevity.
  • Being aware of our net wellness is crucial. Net wellness does not mean only physical wellness. It also includes physical wellness. 
  • 17:08 – Fifth Dimension: Network
  • In relationships, you communicate who you are and by the people around you, including quality and quantity relationships.
  • Quality people are your best friends. They know you well. They know your good, bad, and ugly side. They still like you and are happy to tell you the truth. Quality friends help you see that in your life.
  • Quantity friends are the people that you meet along in your life or work. They’re not your best friends but someone who might see a decade later. 
  • They’ll thank you for your work, but you’re not in a close relationship. Such quantity people are required in your life for several reasons.

Sixth dimension: Net Wealth

  • In Authenticity, Net Wealth means joy and abundance. True authenticity means joy and abundance. Many people have little money and are full of joy.

Seventh dimension: Legacy

  • Legacy is your gist and talents, your natural gifts and talents. Your body is a physical gift. We all come to our bodies for a reason. 
  • Your eyes, color, height, ears, everything connects with your purpose on the planet. They connect with your gift to fulfill the purpose you were assigned to. 
  • Spiritual gifts are of three different categories – signifying, speaking, and serving.
  • Here, legacy means what you’re given when you were born. 
  • Whatever you do in life should be based on your top-three gifts.

Eighth Dimension: Likeability

  • What people say about you when you’re not in the room, that’s likeability.
  • Your ability to build rapport and to make a connection with people.
  • You can be likable in many different ways. 
  • Coaches need to be likable as they can get far more mileage with your clients and have a connection with them.
  • How do you spend your day supporting you in who you are and what you do? Does it support authenticity?

Ninth Dimension: Lifestyle

  • Your day-to-day habits. 
  • How you spend your day supportive of who you are and what you’re doing. How does this support your authenticity?

Find the dimension you feel most vulnerable in. Tweak one thing.

  • Make one small change. Try for 30 to 90 days and see how you feel better and begin to transform your life. 
  • Transformation is not one fell swoop. It happens one step at a time.
  • I keep options in my life. Authenticity makes me keep options in my life. What about you? What can you tweak for 30 to 90 days in your coaching practice, attitude, mood, food habit, or anything else?
  • It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to make that change. You can use it as a coaching tool for yourself.


  • Being able to connect how your intuition speaks to you is a great boost for connecting more with your authentic self.
  • Authenticity begins with connecting your inner voice and connecting with your personal GPS system: the purpose that you have while you’re here and what you were given to make to be able to connect with that.
  • Integrity is the steadfast belief in your values. When you know your values, you make decisions better and faster.
  • It takes courage to be authentic. Authenticity feels like joy and abundance.
  • Authenticity is getting rid of the childhood stuff and looking at the mature me.
  • Life is the energy as well as the tangible things that we can see. Sometimes, we negatively impact our energies without realizing it and that’s where the authenticity comes in.

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