Tina Huang

ICF MCC, Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor

Coaching Achievements
 Over 3,000 coaching hours, including individual and team coaching; Over 20,000 facilitating and training hours for leadership development and coaching.
 Over 50 companies/organizations, in fields of Law Firm, Semi-Conductor, Electrical systems, Investment, Digital Entertainment, Bicycle Components, FCG, Banking, Luxury, Packaging, Accounting Firm, Finance, Insurance, Franchising Restaurant, Hotel Management, Medical, Health and Beauty, NPO, Home Furnishing, Training and Consulting, IT, Mining, SME, etc.
 Over 500 individual coachees, in various positions including Country Head, Business Head, Partner, CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, GM, Senior VP, VP, Senior Director, Director, Senior Manager and Manager in departments of Strategic Planning, Sales, Marketing, Trade Marketing, Public Communication, Internal Communication, Legal, IP, Finance, Human Capital, Factory, Logistics, Procurement, Resource Management, Operation, IT, Flagship Store, etc.

Tina is a Master Certified Coach by International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a certified Coach Supervisor and Coach Mentor. Mandarin is her native language and she speaks fluent English. Tina has more than 15 years’ experiences in leadership development programs and leadership and executive coaching. Her clients included executives, leaders and professional coaches around the world and mainly in Greater China and Asia Pacific region. Tina partners with leaders to be the change and make changes. Through her coaching service, clients have inside-out breakthrough which drives authentic behavioral change.

Tina creates a safe space and a trust partnership with clients. She serves with love and empathy while holds a mirror for clients to see their blind-spots, including patterns and break-through opportunities. Tina provides direct communication and supportive challenge in order to help clients extend their thoughts and perspectives. She assist clients to amplify their potential and strengths to stretch their ability to step out of their comfort zone. Clients will find the most suitable actions to achieve career and life goals.

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