Tony Holmwood

Internationally-acclaimed Best-selling Author

Tony Holmwood is the founder of Outperf4m, a consultancy that equips HR professionals, managers and leaders with behavioural based coaching techniques to accelerate learning and adaptive cultural change. Using practical tools and learning objectives to develop transformational leadership and workplace agility so experiential learning and growth are woven into the fabric of the organisation.

His internationally acclaimed and awarded book “Best Behaviour” introduces a ground-breaking inside out objectives-based development framework for coaching capability. The HR Director describes the book as a “tool chest of advice, direction and instruction that will reinvigorate the profession of HR and put it back in its rightful place as the powerhouse of an organisation.”

Tony is a commercial accountant and change specialist with a career spanning strategic planning, business transformation, HR systems, and IT projects, in global organisations including Oracle, Fonterra, KPMG, Canon and American Express. Tony conceived his Balanced Behavioural Development Model (BBDM) at a time HR was being disrupted through outsourcing.
While working on a HR Insourcing start-up targeting small to medium businesses, Tony felt the need to emphasise the importance of HR as a coaching function for organisational and strategic development. Originally the model was a simple construct showing how our evolving emotional resonance and associations influences our functional preference or strengths. His unique approach to development enables leaders to motivate and coach employees to step outside their comfort zones and offer up their whole authentic selves.

Tony writes regular articles on his behavioural approaches including for the HR Director and is an Opinion Columnist for the CEO World Magazine. Through his work, Tony understands the value in leaders who are self-assured, authentic and true to themselves, and as a result, are true to others and the organisation. These leaders are generalists in all functions including HR, Marketing and Communications and can connect and empower specialist skill sets. They lead from the heart and perceive the world from the Inside-out using their capability as an objective defined system. To appreciate how technology impacts on capability, or to be analytical and predictive, leaders as coaches need to have also mastered their opposing Outside-in linear capability.

Tony mentors and coaches HR Professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs through his Outperf4m consulting business and associations with AHRI, StartOut, the SGLBA and Out for Leadership.

Tony lives in Sydney Australia where he is an active member of his community, socialising with purpose and enjoys bike riding and outdoor pursuits with friends.

Key Notes:

In episode 5 of the Transformational Tuesday webinar, we had Tony Holmwood with us. Tony is a cultural change and Ei coach, author of Best Behaviour and Outperf4m Consulting founder. He is also an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. He shared a few pragmatic approaches on “Leaders as coaches: a Human-Centered Approach” with our participants. Tony provided a deeper insight into his approaches based on the Balanced Behavioural Development Model (BBDM). Here are the key takeaways from this episode:

  • Behaviors are crucial to developing human capability. Behaviors express how we act toward, interact with, react to others, situations, and events. They influence our thoughts and emotions and are central to learning.
  • Self-awareness is essential to achieving behavioral mastery and adaptive leadership.
  • Vital medical, scientific and social research has confirmed and added more insight to the importance of understanding how self-concept is critical in determining who we are and how our behaviors are acted out.
  • When you begin to understand each stage’s learning objectives, you begin to appreciate how to resolve the earlier stage, e.g., unlearning, self-control (perfectionism, managing one’s esteem, and protecting the ego) to be more present, open, and instinctive.
  • Our perspectives originate from our life’s experiences, beliefs, actions, decisions we make, and feedback from others. Interestingly our behaviors validate a self-perpetuating picture. Recognizing this concept is imperative to learning and for coaching high performance.
  • Our lifecycle is about building a specialist, confident identity in our youth and then applying our understanding in a purposeful, generalist capacity as an adult or leader.
  • The way the behaviors align indicates that our environmental perspectives (including culture, parenting, and leadership) will influence our self-concept.
  • What we care about, our passion and purpose, will direct us purposely and our feelings to the future. Transforming our mindset (inside-out) delivers all the adaptive leadership characteristics to achieve our goal.
  • Deconstructing the ego and understanding the inner child resolves our unconscious bias and the need to protect our self-worth.

“We need to get to know ourselves inside out. Being self-reflective, vulnerable, daring to be different, permitting ourselves to be confident and imperfect while learning to be more sharing, objective, empathetic, and instinctive will transform our capability.”

You can watch the entire episode on our YouTube channel.

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